Block N Load First Impressions

A team-based shooter gets your creative juices flowing

Block N Load First Impressions

So what is Block N Load? Well, I would put it best as Minecraft-style buidling, mixed with Team Fortress style combat. I can even see some influence from a popular Source mod from several years back.


Sourceforts is the first conceptual comparison that popped in my head when seeing Block N Load running for the first time. Both games feature a build phase, followed by a combat phase. In Sourceforts, you play a Capture the Flag match where players navigate a series of obstacles and player built defenses.

In Block N Load, your objective is to destroy giant glowing cubes. How do you accomplish that you ask? By digging, building, and fighting your way across the map. Each class has special abilities and emplacements that will benefit either offensive or defensive capabilities. The more you destroy and mine, the more resources you have to build.

Block N Load is currently in Beta, but the game is stable, and plenty of content is on the way. The gameplay is smart, and the pace is frantic as you tunnel the map to the enemy’s base. The community is quietly evolving and showing off the best base building skills. Map design could use some more variety, and class balance needs some attention.

With all that said, Block N Load is a creative and charming FPS that should appeal to all sorts of gamers. Check it out now on Steam .

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