Plenty of Space in the Universe

Exploring the worlds of Elite: Dangerous, No Man's Sky, and Star Citizen

Plenty of Space in the Universe

There was a time, long ago, when space simulators had a special place in the gaming landscape. The ideas of being immersed in a virtual cockpit, dog-fighting alien species, and exploring the unknown used to be a thing of the past. These 3 games should definitely be on your radar into the next year and beyond.

Elite: Dangerous

Resurrected all the way back from 1995, Elite: Dangerous just released last week , and players are barely scratching the surface. A steep learning curve, over 400 billion realistic star systems, and an open-ended sandbox are some of the major highlights.

No Man’s Sky

A Playstation 4 and PC exclusive with infinite potential. No Man’s Sky has its sights set on a procedural universe that allows players to fly in any direction, discover star systems, and investigate life on planets. There hasn’t been a clear cut answer on what sort of objectives will be in the game, but expect more information as the game matures.

Star Citizen

The most ambitious of the three by a wide margin, Star Citizen hopes to not just resurrect the space sim genre, but revolutionize the way gamers play. Utilizing the crowd-funding model, Cloud Imperium Games have raised over $67 million. Those funds promise backers almost limitless features to the Persistent Universe releasing in 2016. Gamers have plenty to look forward to until then. CIG has just released Arena Commander 1.0 , the dog-fighting simulator. Coming up next year, the much anticipated First-Person Shooter module will be taking Chris Roberts’ “First-Person Universe” to the next level.

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